MaGic Baits
"Michael is altyd beskikbaar vir raad en bystand en hy is oop vir enige voorstelle en dit was 'n groot aantrekkingskrag om sy produk te probeer."
Marjohn Koster


Antonio Rex


21 February 2016


Vaaldam, two different venues, one day


Jackie Leonard


On Sunday, 21 February 2016 I had the privelage to fish with the rest of the Magic Baits team at Jackie leonard. We arrived at the gate at 5:45, we had a little meeting. we started fishing at 7am sharp. I fished around 80 metres and I had managed to land a few fish between 7am and 2 pm. On this day it was very windy and we had rough waters. It was over cast most of the morning until around 11 then the skies started to open up.


Once the weather improved, my catch rate started improving. I casted a little further and bites took longer. i landed twelve fish for the day grass carp and carps were very busy on this day. The combos I used was2x vampire gems (test product) on a hook with devils claw(gem dip) on the bol, the other combo I used was 2x monster carp bleeding floaties per hook with vrm dough backing and expresso and vrm on the bol. i fished until 2pm and I then decided to pack up. On occasions I changed the dough backing to vampire dough


UJ island


My brother and i arrived at uj island just after 3pm that afternoon. Between myself and my brother we managed to land 24 fish in just over an hour and a half. The fish basically ran every five minutes on average. We found that the deeper we casted, the bigger the carps got. We fished in the sloep, all the way right, not sure how deep it is but if we took 5 steps in it was already knee height. I did not even have chance to re bait my left line before the right one ram. I found that if I only put one gem on a hook, I would get a double up of two carps per rod.


I only used one combo:


Hooks: 2x Spookasem gems (test product)


Bol dips: Expresso and Arrow


I also Dipped the hook baits into turbo powder every five casts, this kept the fish nice and active


It even got to a stage where I could cast in using no mielie bom and I would still get a bite, that’s how much they love the gems. Uj island is a venue which holds some nice carp but you need to go in 180m and more.IMG-20160224-WA0010


On this day I was blessed with the opportunity to fish with the magician himself and the rest of the magic baits team, they are really awesome brand ambassadors and are always willing to help no matter what you need. This was the first time that I have fished at Jackie leonard and it definitely wont be the last, there is some big grass carp out there just waiting to eat some magic. It was also the first time that I got to fish at two different venues in one day.

 Magic is my soul, without it, where would I be?