MaGic Baits
"Ons almal weet dat MaGic se produkte puik is..."
Marius Jardin



Antonio Rex


Vaal Dam, UJ island


06:00 – 15:00




We arrived at UJ Island around 5:30 and started fishing around 6:00. We decided to fish in the “sloep” by UJ  Island seeing as the water levels had dropped so much. The weather was perfect for fishing, in the morning it was slightly overcast and in the afternoon there was not a cloud in sight, temperatures reached a scorching 32*c.


The part we fished at was very dirty, so I decided to clean it up a little to make it pleasant for myself as well as for the next anglers that will go there. I got my first run around 6:15 on swiss soft bleeding floaties but it was a 100G muddy, so I decided to change it around seeing as I was going to be busy for the day, what I done was used a little bit of a bigger hook(size3) and I changed the chooby backing I had on to brush chooby, I casted in and as soon as I saw time passed 6:40 and there was no activity of small fish I saw I was doing something right. Around 6:55 my line ran, I landed a 2kg grass carp, this motivated me even more.


On this day I fished with my bait boat, this means that I could take my lines deeper in. I dropped my lines around 150m deep because on the fish finder it showed a 9.3m drop and hundreds of fish which I think was perfect for fishing. Around 12 pm that afternoon I decided to take a break and leave my lines out for half an hour. The fish were still very active, playing at the top of the water. I noticed that they were bigger a little closer in, 135 metres in, so that is where I was dropping my lines for the rest of the day, and the results were even better.


I only used three combos for the day and they were as following:


1)2xvampire gems per hook(test product) with SWD dough backing


On the bol was devils claw gem dip with swiss


2)2x spookasem gems per hook (test product) with SWD dough backing


On the bol was black magic gem dip with swiss


3) 2x swiss floaties per hook with vrm dough backing


On the bol was VRM and 4x4


When the tempo slowed down, I changed the dough to vampire dough. when the tiny fish started bothering, I changed the dough to brush dough. For this day I managed to land 20 fish which weighd in at 26kg. This was thanks to the magic baits spookasem gem(test product) and vampire(test product), they will make any angler stand out, especially when it is competition time.


Magic greetings


Antonio Rex