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Kallie Radley

How to approach a venue that has clear water.


Myself and a friend fished a private dam on a farm between Ermelo and Middelburg. The dam's water was clear and we blanked the first few visits.

On our next visit we changed to hookbaits that had a more natural colour and boldips that had no colour. 

We decided on soft floaties, due to the fact that they do not leak like bleeding floaties. We believed that the bleeding effect in the clear water made the fish wary of our baits.

It also made sense to us not to use bright colours like yellow or pink. Our choice of hookbaits was:

1) Dark Knight Soft Floaties - a brown colored hookbait that could blend in with the rocks on the bottom of the dam.

2) Carma Soft Floaties - a light cream/sandy colored hookbait that could blend in with the bottom of the dam

3) Stinkgogga Soft Floaties- a green colored hookbait that could blend in with the plants in the dam.

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Our choice of Boldips was:

1) Oukous Boldip - a clear Boldip.

2) Carma Boldip - a clear Boldip. 

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The result was astonishing. The more natural colored hookbaits and clear boldips resulted in the one reel run after the other. Our previous blanks turned into a very successful session were we landed over 20 fish between the 2 of us.

Fishing at times are more than just casting a bait out, being aware of what your bait does in the water could be the difference between a blank and a very successful session. 

Michael Cato

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