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"MaGic Baits is nie net 'n besigheid nie, maar is aktief besig om ons sport te bevorder."
Marius Jardin

GAG - Magical MUDDY Madness by Jocelyn Keyter

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GAG is definitely the best muddy bait that I have ever come across. One of the outstanding features of the new bait, that stands out is the coulour, or rather the lack of colour, no flouro tipe colouring was used in the manufacturing of this product, thus with no flouro in, this bait does not attract the small yellows.

I recently visited Eastco House, a venue at the Vaaldam, near Oranjeville.

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We decided to target the muddies between 30m and 30m. Our trace of choice was a 'Sliding-Rietvlei Trace with size 1 hooks. 


We were into the fish from the word go and as the day progressed the bite tempo increased and we had runs within 90 seconds from the cast.


We were running around like crazy and could hardly keep up with the pace, the fish counter reached 54, and from here we just unhooked the fish and returned them safely to the water without keeping count any more.

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At a stage it was so hectic that, Shorty, just unhooked the fish in the water, not willing any more to go up the steps to unhook.

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The bite tempo was hectic, the excitement high and concentration was fully on the fishing, so much that we only took a few photo's.

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The only bait that we used was the GAG Floaties and the GAG muti on the ball. The only exception was a few times that Shorty baited up worms dipped in the GAG muti.

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This was most probably my most successful muddy session ever. I can really recommend that you get yourself a bottle of the GAG floaties and GAG muti.

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Magic Greetings and Tight Lines

Jocelyn Keyter


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