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R50 Dam Alberton - Walied Hardien

The R50 Dam in Alberton a.k.a. Rust in Orbi Resort is a dam or venue that is nestled in the back of a farm in the South of Johannesburg, Gauteng. Amongst the urban area of Alberton near a small airfield, quad biking track which is closely situated near the Klip River water system that runs toward and empties into the Vaal River.


People have been venturing to the venue for decades now with friends and family for a day out for a small picnic with a bit of fishing and a friendly competition or two. The venue boasts a set of two dams, the first being what is commonly know as “Top Dam” and the “Bottom Dam” which is segmented into three smaller dams. Carp, Barber (Catfish), Kurper (Tilapia) – big and dwarf, Bass and grass carp which are of the few species that I have seen been caught at the dam. The venue also consists of a place for hosting an event or two with rondavels for guests to stayover.

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The legend to the venue is, that it was owned by a farmer that had a passion for carp fishing but then sold the property off which included the dams. With fish the size of monsters in the range of 18-20kg carp and 15-23kg Barber but hey that’s what legends are made of.

I have been visiting the venue since December 2012, and must admit that the dam has been temperamental at times toward myself and some other anglers, but always wondered what is in there i.e., what size fish are in there now? But at the time I must admit that I was naïve to the ways of fish care and bait presentation and what was used to lure in that first bite. I was one of the most inexperienced anglers there, until I started fishing more and more, well frequenting the venue and got to speaking to the regulars about the place and what works well. I was then let in on the secret… it’s my presentation of baits in the beginning. With advice from fellow anglers such as less is more, is where the difference came in. With frequenting the venue that I learnt that I would land a fish even on a bad day when one fish is enough to know it’s at least not a blank day and yes, I’ve blanked at the dam but a day fishing with a zero is better than a day at the office but admittedly, I prefer Top dam to Bottom Dam which is where I blank like photocopy paper.           

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The venue is currently going through some changes with a lot more people visiting the venue, the owners putting in more into the venue as far as more fishing options and overnight stays. Before it was only day visits from 6am to 6pm but now an option to camp at the venue and it being secured with ablution facilities is something welcoming to the regular visitors.

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The roads are still a work in progress as these are still dirt roads but also a bit difficult to manage especially when you are so close to a Rand Water Station who are constantly wanting to tear up the land for some kind of project. Another recent addition is an option to fish the Klip River system so if river fishing is your forte then it’s on the cards for you. Dam fishing sure, as always, fly fishing absolutely, there’s enough room so swing away, and bass fishing is more than just a jig away, it’s a thing that’s been on the cards for most young, up and coming anglers. For me it’s the trusted 50/50 combo of Heavyweight and Fine Popcorn pap gooi.

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When visiting the venue, I always go with an abundance of rods, I know over kill like some might say but it’s always my three-rod setup and a side rod that lays there a.k.a. my good luck charm.

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First Rod is always a combo tried and trusted, second is a new combo or someone else’s combo and the third is a new product I may want to try or just a rod with something plain.

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And as every other angler does – the first bite on whichever combo, is the combo that will be frequented on the day.

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The flavors I frequently use are the likes of Garlic flavor such as the ever-famous Gold Medals, Yellow Navigator Spray, Vampire and Onyx Gems or a Garlic Slugger even a combo which I’d like to believe I inspired – Vampire Candy ???? which have brought on some stunning fish at the venue.

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Other flavors such as Zellie (Dark musk), Pink Sweets, Warrior (Eucalyptus), a little Traction (Pineapple), Clove and Banana have brought me some other stunners.

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Notwithstanding the fact that I turbo (Turbo Powder) about almost every cast with SA Powder (Red/Green) either on or in the feed and that I still try the combos that I first used when I came to the venue along with other angler’s combos or advice on the venue.

Click the Turbo photo below for a Video Clip about the product.

Turbo Powder

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Next Trip is up and coming with a couple of new items in the box like the Vampire Choc and the new test product – Gag (Cheese flavor).

Vampire Choc



Tight Lines ... And The Magic Lingers on ...

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Walied Hardien