MaGic Baits
"Dit gan nou vir amper 2 en n half jaar wat MaGic Baits my geheim is."
Heinnie Prinsloo

Thanks for allowing me to share my experiences with Bait Boats.

Here is the First post.( I have since changed my boat to a Kamo 360, and modified my old Carp King to Brushless Motor with Li Po Batteries)
More about that in the next post.

To start, here is some info on the 12V 12A battery used with the brushed motor.

Please note that this info is used in conjunction with the 2.4Ghz Transmiter and receiver.

I previously used TWO 12V 7.4A Batteries, but converted to a 12V 12A.

Some Info on the 12V 12Amp batteries tested with my Carp King.

Read carefully, remember i also run my Servos off a 12V to 6v transformer connected to the main boat battery (12V 12A)

Wind was blowing, conditions were relatively calm early morning/late afternoon. On my Shimano GTE 10 000 used the bait runner in the ON position, did not unclip the bale arm.(DRAG was ON)

20 TRIPS IN TOTAL (IN and OUT counted as 1 trip)

17 TRIPS : 170 M out 170 M back, total 5780 M (5.78 KM)

3 TRIPS : 120 M out 120 M back, total 720 M (0,72 KM)

TOTAL DISTANCE of 6500 M (6.5KM)

To measure the distance i used a Hunting Range Finder.

Only then did my Battery indicator show the THREE RED LED's at the bottom of the Voltage scale. I did not want to push it further, but it still had power left.(Battery charge indicator was bought from Outdoor Warehouse).

I also had a Remote Fish Finder installed as well as a single Bait bucket instead of two as it normally is.