MaGic Baits
"Eerste hengel sessie met Magic Baits, 22 vis, 2 op Onion Floaties, res op Vampire Bleeding, Boorgat, Groen Spyker en Yellow Navigator op die bol. Gevang by Beesplaas, wat 'n lekker plek"
Hans Barrand

Mastering the Product: Magic Baits MZ Flavour 

Description of the flavor: A sweetened flavor with Sweetcorn Concentrate as the main ingredient.

Behind the name: The origin of the name is a self-made abbreviation from Maize (Sweetcorn)

Available in the following Product Ranges:


MZ Muti

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MZ Boldip


MZ Chooby

Small Hard Floaties

MZ Small Hard Floaties

Large Hard Floaties

MZ Large Hard Floaties

Small Soft Floaties

MZ Small Soft Floaties

Small Bleeding Floaties

MZ Small Bleeding Floaties

Large Bleeding Floaties

MZ Large Bleeding Floaties

Instant Dough

MZ Instant Dough

Bottled Mealies

MZ Mealies

Floating Gems

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

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Liquid Gems

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

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Gem Backing  

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

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Gem Backings by Michael Cato

Video Clips: How to ...

Chooby Thumbail

Well known Combinations with MZ:

1) Normal Range:

MZ and Dcx or Spookasem or Swiss or Carma
MZ and Traction or Foxtrot
MZ and Just Black or Vaalking
MZ and Crimson or Vrm
MZ and Monster Carp

2) Gem Range:

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

Some of the Catches with the MZ Flavour:

Fanie Oosthuizen

Fanie Oosthuizen

Fanie Smith

Fanie Smith

Jaco Strydom

Jaco Strydom

Koos Nel

Koos Nel

Phillip Peenze

Phillip Peenze

Riaan Nienaber

Riaan Nienaber

Riaan van der Westhuizen 1

Riaan van der Westhuizen

Mark Hills MZ

Mark Hills

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