MaGic Baits
"... ek stel voor dat julle sommer gou van MaGic se produkte moet begin gebruik."
Marius Jardin

Mastering the Product: Magic Baits Rpa Flavour 

Description of the flavor: A sweetened blend of Banana and Garlic Concentrates. 

Behind the name: Click on the link to read the article. Behind the name: The origin of the Flavour RPA

Available in the following Product Ranges:


Rpa Muti

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Rpa Boldip


Rpa Snow-eez
Articles relating to Snow-eez: Die Hengel bedryf op sy kop met die nuwe Magic Baits SNOW – EEZ deeg deur Fanie Oosthuizen

Small Bleeding Floaties

Rpa Small Bleeding Floaties

Instant Dough

Rpa Instant Dough

Floating Gems

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

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Liquid Gems

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

Articles relating to Liquid Gems: Information about the Magic Baits Liquid Gems

Gem Backing  

Not avaiable in the Gem Range 

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Video Clips: How to ...

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Well known Combinations with Rpa :

1) Normal Range:

Rpa and Rhone
Rpa, 4x4 and Tak or Hlx or Spyker Groen/Red
Rpa and Gta or Vampire or Black Magic
Rpa X and Dcx or Spookasem and Scarlet
Rpa and Vrm or Crimson or Vaalking or Grobbies or Monster Carp

2) Gem Range:

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

Some of the Catches with the Rpa Flavour:

Amien Abdullah 2

Amien Abdullah 2

Ashwin de Koker

Ashwin de Koker

Amien Abdullah

Amien Abdullah

Freddie van Zyl

Freddie van Zyl

Heinrich Nortje 2

Heinrich Nortje

Koos Nel 2

Koos Nel