MaGic Baits
"I have used all ground bait on the market and none match yours!"
Natalie Adlam

Mastering the Product: Magic Baits Vrm Flavour

Description of the flavor: A sweetened flavor with Vaaldam, Raspberry and Musk Concentrates.

Behind the name: The origin of the name stems from the first letter of each of the concentrates used in this product, Vaaldam, Raspberry and Musk.

Available in the following Product Ranges:


Vrm Muti Articles relating to Muti's: Muti's vs Boldips vs Sprays - Magic Baits 


Vrm Boldip


Vrm Spray Chooby

Vrm Chooby

Small Hard Floaties

Vrm Small Hard Floaties

Large Hard Floaties

Vrm Large Hard Floaties

Small Soft Floaties

Vrm Small Soft Floaties


Vrm Snow-eez
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Small Bleeding Floaties

Vrm Small Bleeding Floaties

Large Bleeding Floaties

Vrm Large Bleeding Floaties Instant Dough

Vrm Instant Dough

Bottled Mealies

Vrm Bottled Mealies

Floating Gems (Citrine)

Red Jasper Floating Gem

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Liquid Gems (Citrine)

Red Jasper Liquid Gem

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Gem Backing (Citrine)  

Red Jasper Gem Backing

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Video Clips: How to ...

Chooby Thumbail

Well known Combinations with VRM:

1) Normal Range:

Vrm and Banana X, Rpa or Twinkie
Vrm and Monster Carp
Vrm and Gta or Yellow Navigator Spray or Liquid Gold
Vrm and Vaalking or Just Black
Vrm and Dcx or Swiss or Spookasem

2) Gem Range:

Red Jasper en Citrine
Red Jasper en Garnet
Red Jasper en Moonstone
Red Jasper en Red Coral
Red Jasper en Rubine 

Some of the Catches with the VRM Flavour:

Connie Beukes

Connie Beukes

Daniella van der Merwe

Daniella van der Merwe

Ettienne Klopper

Ettienne Klopper

Franswa Coetzer

Franswa Coetzer

Gerald Van Jaarsveld

Gerald Van Jaarsveld

Johan Gerhard Greyling

Johan Gerhard Greyling

Kevin Russell

Kevin Russell

Maryna Grobler

Maryna Grobler

Reinhardt Greyling

Reinhardt Greyling

Freddie Van Zyl 1

Freddie van Zyl