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"Deesdae koop ek net MaGic en dis my rede... Ek het nog nooit weer geblank by enige social hengeluitstappie nie."
Theo Fourie

Mastering the Product: Magic Baits Beast Flavour

Description of the flavour:
A sweetened Bunspice flavor to which we added Capsicum Genus (Red Hot Chilli Pepers). Like all our other Magic Bait products, the Beast Flavor can be used in all conditions and temperatures. Vitamin C. Chili peppers are very high in this powerful antioxidant, which is important for wound healing and immune function.
Behind the name: The origin of the name stems from a term that bodybuilders use "Train like a Beast ... until you feel the burn!". The Capsicum Genus (Red Hot Chilli Pepers) in this product gives a burning sensation.
Available in the following Product Ranges:


Beast Muti

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Beast Boldip


Beast Chooby

Small Hard Floaties

Beast Small Hard Floaties

Large Hard Floaties

Beast Large Hard Floaties

Small Soft Floaties

Beast Small Soft Floaties

Small Bleeding Floaties

Beast Small Bleeding Floaties

Large Bleeding Floaties

Beast Large Bleeding Floaties

Instant Dough

Beast Instant Dough

Bottled Mealies

Beast Mealies

Floating Gems (Citrine)

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

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Liquid Gems (Citrine)

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

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Gem Backing (Citrine)  

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

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Chooby Thumbail

Well known Combinations with Beast :

1) Normal Range:

Beast, Smokey and Traction or Foxtrot
Beast, Warrior and Baas Ben or 4x4
Beast and Carma or Dcx or Spookasem
Beast and Just Black or Vaalking
Beast and Gta or Rpa or Vampire or Black Magic

2) Gem Range:

Not avaiable in the Gem Range 

Some of the Catches with the Beast Flavour:


Hengelaar onbekend - Gevang by Beesplaas


Ntando Terry


Gert Smith


Frank du Bois

Ashley Armand Hilarius

Ashley Armand Hilarius

Ensley Matthews


Louis van wyk


Renier Snyman 1

Renier Snyman

Rudi Van Wyk

Rudi Van Wyk

Gert Cornelius Smith

Gert Cornelius Smith

Bertus Deetlefs

Bertus Deetlefs

Adaan Kidson 3

Adaan Kidson