MaGic Baits
"Dankie vir n puik produk wat resultate kan wys."
Lukas vd Nest

Mastering the Product: Magic Baits Vaalking Flavour

Description of the flavor: A sweetened flavor with Raspberry Concentrate and Strawberry Concentrate as the main ingredient with a molasses base. 

Behind the name: The origin of the name stems from the fact that this flavor is brilliant in the Vaal System ... The Vaaldam and the Vaalriver. And therefrom the name Vaalking.

Available in the following Product Ranges:


Vaalking Boldip


Vaalking Spray

Floating Gems (Red Coral)

Red Coral Floating Gem

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Liquid Gems (Red Coral)

Red Coral Liquid Gem

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Gem Backing (Red Coral)  

Red Coral Gem Backing 

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Video Clips: How to ...

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Well known Combinations with Vaalking:

1) Normal Range:

Vaalking, Cyclone or Tornado and Hlx or Tak
Vaalking, Smokey and Tfc or GeeBee and Beast
Vaalking, Warrior and Rhone
Vaalking, Monster Carp and Warrior
Vaaling, Banana X or Twinkie or Rpa and Gta or Yellow Navigator spray

2) Gem Range:

Red Coral en Pearl
Red Coral en Garnet
Red Coral en Red Jasper
Red Coral en Citrine
Red Coral en Moonstone 

Some of the Catches with the Vaalking Flavour:

Johan Gerhard Greyling

Johan Gerhard Greyling

Reinhardt Greyling

Reinhardt Greyling

Ruandre Viviers

Reinhardt Greyling

Seun Dreyer

Seun Dreyer

Zelmi Cato

Zelmi Cato