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"Dankie vir n puik produk wat resultate kan wys."
Lukas vd Nest

Mastering the Product: GAG Flavour

Description of the flavor: An intense, very pungent flavour manufactured by blending cheese concentrates.    

Behind the name: This smell irritates every nerve ending in the nose that leads to gagging. Therefore the name GAG.  

Available in the following Product Ranges:


Gag Muti 

Small Soft Floaties

Gag Floaties

Video Clips: How to ...

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Suggested Combinations with GAG:

1) Normal Range:

GAG, Dcx or Spookasem or Swiss or Carma and Tak or Hlx
GAG and Banana X or Twinkie or Rpa
GAG, 4x4 or Baas Ben and Fbi or Jessica
GAG and Vaalking or Just Black or Crimson
GAG and Traction or Foxtrot

2) Gem Range:

Not avaiable in the Gem Range

Some of the Catches with the GAG Flavour:


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