MaGic Baits
"... that baldip Weerlig is just superb!!!! Out of 17 anglers I was the ONLY one to catch fish. Not just 1 or 2 but 8!"
Bernard Heesen

Magic Baits Liquid Gems are Sodium Chloride based, High-Visibility, Liquid Flavour Attractors.

The Fish use the Sodium Chloride (commonly known as salt) to maintain their osmotic balance, which is a process that consumes energy. The Liquid Gems act as a dietary supplement of Sodium Chloride which reduces the energy to search for this supplement in their natural food sources and frees up the energy. This extra energy allows the fish to go into a feeding frenzy.

Liquid Gems are sweetened with a secret sweetener to trigger the food signaling senses. This secret ingredient improves attraction and palatability.

Another unique fact is the addition of a liquid alcohol that acts as a solvent.

The solvent helps the bait to react as an energy source.

1 Amber - 4x4 (Fruits)
2 Citrine - Banana X (Banana)
3 Diamond - Spookasem (Caramel/W/Fluoro)
4 Emerald - Weed (Shrimp)
5 Fire Opal - Blaze (Curry)
6 Garnet - Monster Carp (TCP,Sweet,Fruity)
7 Golden Agate - Gifappeltjie (Pine/Duiwelsdrek
8 Moonstone - Poet (Banana & Bloekom)
9 Onyx - Black Magic (Garlic,strong)
10 Pearl - White Claw (Duiwelsdrek)
11 Red Coral - Vaalking (S/Berry&R/Berry)
12 Red Quartz - Magenta (Musk mix)
13 Red Jasper - VRM (V/dam,R/Berry & Musk)
14 Riverstone - Vampire (Garlic)
15 Rubine - Crimson (Strawberry)
16 Sapphire - Aquaberry (Blueberry)
17 Tanzanite - Malbessie (Bunch of Berries)
18 Tigers Eye - Cocoa (DarkChocolate) 
19 White Marble - Beesting (Honey&Clove)
20 Zircon - Gta (Almond & Garlic)