MaGic Baits
"MaGic Baits is n TOP GEHALTE produk wat altyd kwaliteit is ..."
Dérik Pretorius

At Magic Baits we are proud of the fact that we use the highest possible level of concentrate in our products that will attract the fish effectively. All our liquid flavors, i.e. Muti’s, Boldips, Sprays, etc. have the exact same level of concentrate, making our products unique.
Magic Baits Sprays are designed for use on the feedbal (Mealiebol) as well as spraying your hookbaits for added flavor.

The Magic Baits Team developed the most effective spray that ensures a full spray at all times. Great care was taken in the development process and only the
best flavor carriers, solvents and processing aids are used to manufacture this brilliant product.  

The process of forming a spray is called atomization.A spray nozzle is then used to generate the spray.

The Magic Baits Team takes great care to ensure the highest standard of manufacturing goes hand in hand with attention to produce goal orientated products.

1 4x4 (Fruits)
2 Banana x 
3 Boorgat (Honey / Fluoro)
4 Brush (Spirits)
5 Caramel X (Strong)
6 Cinnamon X (Cinnamon X)
7 Cyclone (Vicks)
8 DCX (Caramel Fluoro)
9 Escape (Banana, Scented)
10 FBI (Special, Strong)
11 GeeBee (Cinnamon &  Bunspice)
12 H L X (Tcp Mix)
13 Island (Fruits, Very Sweet)
14 Pink Sweets
15 Rhone (Pink Almond)
16 Skunk (Duiwelsdrek)
17 Smoky (Duiwelsdrek)
18 Spyker Groen (Almond /  Tcp)
19 Spyker Rooi (Almond / Tcp)
20 Stinkgogga (Fish oil &  Garlic)
21 T.A.K. (Tcp, Almond en  Caramel)
22 TFC (Bunspice & Clove)
23 Tornado (Vicks /  Bubblegum)
24 Traction (Pineapple)
25 Vaalking (S/berry & R/berry)
26 VRM (Vdam, R/berry & Musk)
27 Warriior (Eucalyptus)
28 Weerlig (Honey & Tcp)