MaGic Baits
"... ek stel voor dat julle sommer gou van MaGic se produkte moet begin gebruik."
Marius Jardin

The Magic Baits Chooby Bait is based on the old schooled bait that we commonly known as 1-2-3 Pap.

This dough like bait is based on typical dough bait recipes that contain flour, wheat, thinning and binding agents. The bait is manufactured to a desired consistency that anglers can effectively use.

The Magic Baits Team carefully chose top food quality ingredients to ensure that you the anglers get the best possible dough like bait. Only the best flavors and attractants are implemented in the manufacturing process. To trigger the food signaling senses we added a secret sweetener. This secret ingredient improves attraction and palatability. The great taste and smell makes this bait irresistible and it is hard if not impossible for the fish to ignore this bait.

The Magic Baits Team takes great care to ensure the highest standard of manufacturing goes hand in hand with attention to produce goal orientated products.

1 4 x 4 (Fruits)
2 Banana X (Banana)
3 Beast (Bunspice, hot)
4 Boorgat (Honey/flouro)
5 Cinnamon X (Cinnamon)
6 Curry
7 Custard
8 Geebee (Cinnamon & Bunspice)
9 HLX (Tcp Mix)
10 Just Black (Molasses)
11 Lulu (Lemon & Lime)
12 Monster Carp (Tcp,Sweet Fruity)
13 MZ (Sweetcorn)
14 Pink Sweets
15 Plain White
16 Rhone (Almond-Pink)
17 Spookasem (Caramel & White Flouro)
18 Stinkgogga (Fish Oil & Garlic)
19 Tornado (Vicks)
20 Totally nuts (Peanuts)
21 Traction (Pineapple)
22 Twinkie (Banana Mix)
23 Vampire (Garlic)
24 VRM (Vaaldam/ Raspberry, Musk)