MaGic Baits
"Vir die mense wat nog nie MaGic se produkte gebruik nie, julle weet nie wat julle mis nie..."
Marius Jardin

Magic Baits Snow-eez dough, with White Fluorescein, are based on the concept of the Magic Baits bleeding floaties but with very little color leaking and a huge amount of flavor leaking. It is in the form of ready--made dough and sold in a 50ml plastic securitainer bottle, with a security seal that seals in the freshness.

The focus of the Snow-eez dough is thus on the leakage of flavor over an extended period of time. For the best results use in conjunction with Magic Baits bleeding floaties. The Magic Baits Team carefully chose top food quality ingredients to ensure that you the anglers get the best possible dough like bait. Only the best flavors and attractants are implemented in the manufacturing process.

To trigger the food  signaling senses we added a secret sweetener. This secret ingredient improves attraction and palatability. The great taste and smell makes this bait irresistible and it is hard if not impossible for the fish to ignore this bait.

Magic Baits Snow-eez has a self life of more than 12 months, as long as the seal is still intact and it is kept out of direct sunlight. Once the bottle is opened the product can be used for up to 12 months as long as the product is kept out of direct sunlight and the lid is on at all times.

The Magic Baits Team takes great care to ensure the highest standard of manufacturing goes hand in hand with attention to produce goal orientated products.

1 4X4 (Fruits)
2 Alm X (Almond)
3 AquaBerry (Blueberry)
4 Banana X (Banana)
5 Black Magic (Garlic, Strong)
6 Carma (Strong Natural Honey)
7 Chicken Blood (Fish Oils)
8 Crimson (Strawberry)
9 GeeBee (Cinnamon & Bunspice)
10 Grobbies (Straw, Rasp & Duiwelsdrek)
11 GTA (Garlic & Almond)
12 Pink Sweets 
13 Plain White
14 RPA (Banana & Garlic)
15 Spookasem (Caramel/White Fluoro)
16 Swiss (Choc & White Fluoro)
17 Tutti Frutti 
18 Vampire (Garlic)
19 VRM (Vaaldam/Rasp & Musk)
20 Weed (Shrimp)