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How to make PXP Boldip – Peter Potgieter


In my opinion Pepper X is probably the most underrated dip in the Magic Baits range, the reason being that many angler either don’t have it in their boxes or like in my case I simply just did not know how to use it.

Pink sweets has always been popular amongst anglers yet it’s something I personally don’t use often, however after much trial and error I eventually came up with a mixture of Pepper X and Pink Sweets that works for me especially in cooler and windy conditions which I have named PXP

To make this dip you will require the following

60 ml     Magic Baits Pink Sweets Balldip

40 ml     Magic Baits Pepper X Balldip

Magic Baits Green Floro

Mixing Bowl


Measuring Utensils

  1. Shake the two Balldips well and and measure off as per the above quantities
  2. Pour the Balldips together in a mixing bowl
  1. Add a knife point of Magic Baits Green Floro powder
  1. Whisk together ensuring there is a consistent colour and texture
  1. Pour into Balldip bottles
  1. Use with Brush or Viskose or Weerlig for the best results