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"I have used all ground bait on the market and none match yours!"
Natalie Adlam

Chooby Baits

The Magic Baits Chooby Bait is based on the old schooled bait that we commonly know as Pap. The dough-like bait is based on the typical 1-2-3 pap bait recipe that contains wheat, flour, thinning and binding agents. The bait is manufactured to a desired consistency that anglers can effectively use. The Magic Bait Team carefully chose top food quality ingredients to ensure that you the angler get the best possible pap (dough like) bait. Only the best flavors and attractors are implemented in the manufacturing process.

To trigger the food signaling senses we added a secret sweetener. This secret ingredient improves attraction and palatability. The great taste and smell makes this bait irresistible and it is hard if not impossible for the fish to ignore this bait.

The Magic Bait Team takes care to ensure the highest standard of manufacturing goes hand in hand with attention to produce goal orientated products.


Suggested bait presentation:

1) Floatie with a Chooby as a backing

2) 'Geknipte mealie' with a Chooby as a backing

3) Instant dough with a Chooby as a backing


How to use a Chooby:

 1) Make a small cut on one of the corners

 2) Squeeze out the required amount of bait 

3)  Roll the Chooby between your fingers to form a ball

4) Apply the bait to the hook

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5) Flatten the area that you cut to seal the Chooby

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