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What is a Leader Line?

A Leader line, also known as a Shock Leader, is a specific length of line of a higher diameter and breaking strain than your main fishing line.

For the angler that is just starting out the idea of tying a thicker line to the end of your main line probably just sounds insane, but this a commonly used tactic among seasoned freshwater anglers that fish with very thin diameter lines to get maximum casting distance.

Leader line are one of the most overlooked pieces of fishing equipment that anglers make use of. The use of Leader line could be the difference between a successful day or a blank. It is important to realise that the Leader will take all the punishment both when casting and when the fish runs through snags. Taking this into consideration when buying Leader line, be sure to get a line that is high abrasion.   

Leader line types        

Definition of diameter: "In geometry, a diameter of a circle is any straight line segment that passes through the center of the circle and whose endpoints lie on the circle. It can also be defined as the longest chord of the circle. Both definitions are also valid for the diameter of a sphere."

Leader Line Diameter

Definition of breaking strain: "breaking strain in British. (ˈbreɪkɪŋ streɪn) or breaking stress. The amount of strain that, if applied to a particular material, will cause it to break"  - Collinsdictionary.


There are three main reasons for freshwater anglers to use a Leader line.

Firstly it is used as a Shock Absorber for anglers that use very thin main lines for maximum casting distance. The Leader acts as a Shock Absorber during the casting action.


Secondly anglers use a Leader line for extra protection against friction on the rod guides, rocks or any other obstructions in the water.

Rod guides

The third reason is extra protection when landing (netting) the fish.   

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What is the acceptable lenght of a Leader line?

According to SABAF rules:

"Rule Leaders and Records. If a leader of a thiicker line is used with the longest trace tied to it, then the lenght of that leader is not allowed to be longer than two times the lenght of the fishing rod. If this leader exceeds the prescribed lenght the catch will be classified under heavy tackle" 



What diameter/breaking strain main line and leader line does competitive anglers prefer?


Most competitive anglers use a 5lbs or 7lbs main line. And they will use a 25lbs tot 40lbs leader to go with the thin diameter main line.


What is the most common knots used for tying a Leader line?


Double Uni Knot:


Double Uni Knot


Yucatan Knot:

Yucatan Knot

Click on this photo to watch an easy way to tie a Leader Line:

maklike manier om leaderlyn op te sit

Click on this photo to watch an easy way to net a fish:

maklike manier om te skep