MaGic Baits
"Michael is altyd beskikbaar vir raad en bystand en hy is oop vir enige voorstelle en dit was 'n groot aantrekkingskrag om sy produk te probeer."
Marjohn Koster

How to make my Potties Boldip – Peter Potgieter
Over the last year I have experimented with mixing some Magic Baits flavours together to form a new unique balldip, most of these mixtures I tried I ended up rejecting though.

One of my mixtures named Potties has stood out above the rest with success in the Vaal River and at several Vaaldam venues, The Magician, Michael Cato has also fished Potties with such success that he asked me to share this mixture with the Magic Baits Family.
To mix 100 ml Potties Balldip you will require 

70 ml Magic Baits Vaalking Balldip
25 ml Magic Baits GTA Balldip
05 ml Magic Baits Skunk Spray

Mixing Bowl


Measuring Utensils

1)    Shake the three bottles well and measure off as per the above

2)    Pour together in a mixing bowl

3)    Whisk together ensuring there is a consistent colour and texture

4)    Pour into ball dip bottle

5)    Use in combination with Gee Bee or TFC

And see your catch rate improve ...