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Feeding Carp

Mimicking the 'Feeding Cloud'

Every carp angler will spend hours thinking about a strategy to outwit the carp on their next session. In this article we will share a tip on how you can put more fish on your unhooking mat.

First we need to understand the way that carp feed. Carp are primarily bottom feeding fish that have a tendency, when they feed, to kick up mud and silt and this feeding pattern creates a 'Feeding Cloud' in the water. 

This 'Feeding Cloud' will attract other carp into the area and serves as a signal to fish that other fish are feeding and that there is food available. 

Now that you understand the 'Feeding Cloud', we will show you exactly how to mimic this and in turn this method will help you to put more fish on the bank. 

You will need

You will need: a Mixing Bowl, Heavyweight Feed or Popcorn Feed, Measuring Jug, Water, Spookasem Boldip, Swiss Boldip and White Flourescein powder  

 Add Feed to Mixing Bowl

Add 2 and a 1/2 Jugs of either Heavyweight Feed or Popcorn Feed to your mixing bowl. Remember to shake the bag well before you measure out the feed. (Click on Heavyweight Feed or Popcorn Feed in bold to read an article about Groundbait for Freshwater Fishing.  

Add 2 and a half Jugs of Feed

 Add 1 bottle of White Flourescein to the feed.

White Flourescein

White Flourescein 2

White Flourescein in Feed

Mix the White Flourecein and the feed.

Add 15ml of Swiss Boldip and mix. (Click on Swiss in bold to view a video clip)

Swiss Boldip

Add 15ml of Spookasem Boldip and mix. (Click on Spookasem in bold to view a video clip)

Spookasem Boldip

Make sure the White Flourescein, Swiss Boldip and the Spookasem Boldip is mixed well.


Add 1 Jug of water.

Add Water

Mix well and let it stand for 20 minutes to ensure that the feed will fully absord all the liquids.

Let it stand for 20 minutes

After 20 minutes you can bait up!

Baiot up

For the purpose of this article we decided to bait up with two Vampire Bleeding Floaties on the Bottom Hook and a Banana X Soft Floatie with a Banana X Chooby as a backing on the Top hook.

Baiting up   

The bottom hook with the Banana X soft Floatie and a Banana X Chooby Backing lies on the bottom. The top hook with the two Vampire Bleeding Floaties floats just above the feed ball.

Mimic Feeding Carp

I use my hand to mimic a fish messing around with the ball and you can clearly see the 'Feeding Cloud' it creates. It wont be long before other fish zooms into the 'Feeding Cloud' and you will have a screaming reel.


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