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"I can honestly say that since using your products my catch rate has significantly improved."
Richard Venter

Feeding blocks and feeding balls – Another Magic Baits innovation.

A big issue of fishing is always to create a good and efficient feeding spot as quick and as effective as possible. Since I was a little boy when we went fishing, I always had the "unwanted" pleasure of putting a marker in and making the feeding spot for the fishing trip. We always used "kaboem mealies" or a molasses block. Sometimes we used anything that could lay your hands on, like dog food, hemp seed, peas, boilies whatsoever.

We all know if you want to catch plenty fish, you must built a feeding spot. That is why you feed as close as possible to a marker, always trying to throw your bait at the same spot. So whether you cast, use a bait boat like me, a canoe or any other method whatsoever, you build a feeding spot to attract more fish.

We all use our own techniques, but we normally feed about 80% of the feed for making the feeding spot. About 8 hours later we feed the other 20%.
An advantage of using just a bait boat is the quantity of the feed you can feed at one time. I make big feeding balls. As big as my fist and sometimes even bigger. I have develop a system for getting the bait in and nearly always drop it at the same place. I line up my rods in the direction I want and take the lines in to a certain depth. I mark the line with a black marking pen. My bait boat drops left side bucket first. So in line with the left side rod I take the bait in, going as straight as possible. When I reached the desired depth, seeing where I marked the line, I drop the bait, turn the boat right count to 3 and drop the other bait. So normally the right hand bait is dropped a little bit deeper. Thus I have 2 feeding spots about 10 m apart. I put some extra feeding balls in the bucket and drop it in the same area creating a very nice feeding spot.

The only problem I always have was the feed dissolves quickly, we often see the fish tend to go off the bite a bit. I knew the solution is to feed slow dissolving feed like a molasses block. We used to buy a block at the cooperation and break it up in pieces, but it never really worked as it sometimes broke into hundreds of pieces.
Then Magic Baits came with the solution. They have a new range of molasses blocks and feeding balls made from their own trusting feed. The blocks are lunch box size, which means it will fit nicely into my bait boat's buckets. The round feeding balls comes in three different colors as marked with the bag it is packed.
White bag – means plain.


Green bag – means green fluoro.


Red bag – means red fluoro.


I have tried this with great success. I tested the dissolving time of the feeding balls in a bucket of water. After 6 hours the feeding balls were nearly dissolved. This is what I was looking for, slowly dissolving feed stopping the fish going of the bite. I topped the feeding spot up with new balls and the fish just kept on biting.
If you are looking for good quality feeding blocks and balls made with good products, look no further than Magic Baits new and exciting Feeding blocks. Ask for it by name at your local fishing tackle shop.


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