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STRESS by David Webb

Many of the guys ask if smoking or smells on your hands affect your fishing, I have wondered about this for ages and seen for myself, the following, please take note this is not a medical or scientific study, just my observation.

When my pegmate and very good friend Wayne asked me why I always catch bigger than average fish, I couldn’t answer, I hadn’t actually noticed until he pointed it out through photo’s of our bags together, I can’t cast further than him, we use the same deegie- split one deeg into two, use the same feed from the same batch, but still would catch fish than he, quantity the same, mine just bigger than his and most other people on average.

I thought it was because I use Magic of course, but he also uses Magic, we have identical dips. We are also both smokers, so I don’t know...something natural on a persons hands perhaps- pheromones?

Then why do some people struggle to catch, its not smoking, Medication..??

I use chronic medication, 3400mg daily, I thought it could be that, but so does he. i was also in hospital with pneumonia a couple years ago, came out the Thursday, went to club comp on Saturday and won it hands down while having been on these horse tablet antibiotics for two weeks. My wife was diagnosed with cancer 3-4years ago, she was on chemotherapy and while on chemo she used to kick our asses with bags of fish. She’s been clear now for 4years and is now a SAVOF Angler, while on chemo she did her provincial trials successfully.

Chemicals from work...?? I doubt it as Wayne works with industrial chemicals and motor vehicles all day every day.

Then it dawned on me, every time I have done badly in a competition, I have been under stress, especially those things at the back of your mind all the time that you can’t get rid of, be it either financial worries, work pressures, family issues or worried about anything else, it seems that stress comes through in your hands and it WILL affect your fishing.

In the last two years, myself and my friend have experienced a lot of this lol.

Also, the big match temperament of being in a competition stresses some people out that the stress starts coming through in their fishing. the chairman of my first fishing club was brilliant, club comps, social he could beat me hands down, the moment we went to trials, league or big competitions he went under.

The solution, I have no idea, I’m still working on that...I have found a healthy sprinkling of HLX rubbed in the hands and left there helps hugely. Washing with essences hasn’t worked for me, so if someone else knows a solution- other than going to a psychologist just before a comp, or having a healthy swig of OBS, let me know.