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Article by Fanie Oosthuizen

Revised and Translated by Walied Hardien


This is a question that every angler must ask – It’s not about a technical view or to step on anyone’s toes, but there comes a time that every person who does fishing, for whatever reason it maybe; for sports, for pleasure or for you to put a meal on the table, it is to know what the value of the fish in front of him/her really is and what it is worth.


There are many ways of which a proud angler maybe identified and that is how he/she handles the fish. It doesn’t matter if it's for sport, pleasure or for food on the table, the angler must always respect the fish. If that fish allows you to win a prize – then show it the respect, if it allows you to achieve a milestone in your life - then show it the respect, if the fish grants a meal for your family – then give it the respect it deserves, and every angler will be able to identify how he/she handles the fish.




Always try, to get the fish on its side, or in a position that is comfortable and convenient as possible. The banks are not always beautifully covered lawn, so there are some things you can put under the fish so that it does not get hurt or damaged, and it can be something like an unhooking mat, or a piece of sponge covered with a bag.

Just not the bare ground.


Photo 1


As mentioned, you can place a piece of sponge covered with a black bag as well or even just a clean sail which is better than the ground.




How do I land or net the fish?


The majority still have the old hard nylon nets, but these days soft nets are manufactured which are much more fish friendly than those old nets for about the same price. This is not a must, but it’s a better option. Here are some examples of more acceptable net.


Photo 2




How do I weigh the fish?


It can any be something soft and smooth, it can even be in the landing net. Just remember the weight of the net must be subtracted from the total weight, the items used for weighing can also be a clean shopping bag but may not work if you are weighing a large fish.


Methods not suitable for carp as these methods cause more harm to the fish:


  1. Hooking of the scale in the gill/s of the fish
  2. Lip gripper scales

Some examples of weighing slings.


Photo 3




This is probably not for every angler, but something that helps the fish with the recovery process after the catch and that is carp medic. These are medicines that are applied to the fish's mouth or to its body where there are injuries or infections on the fish. These medicines stop or help cure infections and fungus, and it can be bought in any good angling shop.


Some examples below on how the medicines are applied.


Photo 4




This is how you display your fish and it is also where most of the debate comes in. If you are not going to place the fish back in the water, then display it in the correct manner and show that you have respect for that fish, even if you cut off its head. This is your fish, you got it caught so BE PROUD and SHOW that you are proud of your catch and take a decent picture of that fish so that other people would rather praise and congratulate you instead of bad mouthing you. I know people who are struggling and what they do is take a fish home, take a bad photo to post on social media, and then see how many people can say bad things or make jokes about it and it’s accepted by friends. My point is that if you take a picture, you should put the same effort in taking a decent photo of which you can be proud of. You don’t need to show people that you are taking the fish home and the photo should also not show that.


Below are examples of two carps, both taken home, but the one is treated with more pride and respect which can make the difference between a bad picture and a Hall of Fame photo.


As I have said, it doesn’t matter who and what you are, or what you are going to do with the fish, show that you are proud of your catch and let the other people share in your joy. Add a little more effort with your photo and there may be more good comments. Like I’ve said, if you see a bad photo, one should rather not comment, because many post a bad a photo for the fun of it and if they see nothing happening, they may not even remove/delete the picture let alone defend themselves or the photo.


It's usually the other anglers that unnecessarily antagonize other anglers because it's a matter that does not cut deep or argument that cannot be won.


Photo 5




How does one show that you are proud of your catch and that you’ve given the necessary respect to the fish? Below are a few people that you can follow as being examples, one cannot say if the fish was returned to the water or not. But as my grandmother always said:” what the eye cannot see won’t hurt the heart”.


Photo 6


One can see the respect they have for the fish, it does not matter if you are rich or poor, Pro or dam diver, we all need to give the same respect to the fish. Here are photos of the right and wrong way to work with the fish on the ground. They say a photo speaks more than a thousand words.


Photo 7


And this is where my question comes in, WHAT IS A FISH WORTH TO YOU? Each person can answer the question and he/she will know whether he/she is right or wrong.


It doesn’t matter what the reason is why you are fishing, your reason is your reason, but you must give your fish the respect and pride that it deserves.


This is one of the best and biggest gifts we have received from the LORD, and we must not let this diminish. Let us show that we appreciate the LORD's fish and treat it with respect, and HE will still bless us with much more and bigger fish.


This is not a finger pointing or bad-mouthing message, but a measure to see where you stand. A lot more can be added, and a lot can be taken away, but if you have the heart of true ANGLER/FISHERMAN then you understand where this message comes from.


May each of you have tight lines and may the big one never get away.




Fanie Oosthuizen


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