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"MaGic Baits is n TOP GEHALTE produk wat altyd kwaliteit is ..."
Dérik Pretorius


We are proud to announce the official launch of a long awaited product, the all new Bronze Medal Backing. Exceptional feedback from anglers using the Bronze Medal Floating Hookbait and Liquid Gold Boldip has convinced us that is time to launch the new Bronze Medal Backing.

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Bronze Medal Backing

Those of you who thought that the Medals are just another ordinary Floating bait and Boldip range, dressed up in a new fancy packaging, I have news for you. I can honestly say that Magic Baits Medal range has no equal on the market. 
New Question Mark
Why would I say that ....? The fact of the matter is that the Medals have Nutritional value for the fish. 
Yes many of you are thinking now. How can any Floating bait or boldip have Nutritional value for fish? The Medal range are Sodium Chloride(Salt) based and let me assure you you it is not just table salt, but especially formulated for aquatic species. In addition, certain elements are added, which also contributes to the Nutritional value. 
Sodium Chloride
Let me explain this ... Freshwater fish need salt to keep their osmotic balance, a process that uses up their energy. This is where the Liquid Medals comes in, they will gladly feed on groundfeed and/or hookbaits that was covered with the any of the Liquid Medals as a dietary supplement to help decrease their energy use. It is easier for the fish to get this quick fix, rather than them swimming around for longer periods of time to get the sufficient sodium. Further more it has been reported that this freeing of energy could result into an increase in growth. And what angler would not want a increase in growth! 
Medal Hookbaits
The Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Hookbaits and each of the Liquid Medals has a different Sodium level. And each of the Medals and Liquid Medals are flavoured with Garlic as their main flavour and each of the Liquid Medals has a second secret flavour that only The "Magician" knows. Therefore one colour will work better at a certain venue, due to the different sodium levels and the flavour make-up. Thus would it be advisible to make sure you have all three of Medal Floating Baits and the Liquid Medals in your tackle box. 
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Here are a few of the catches that we already received from Anglers using the Medal range:
Johan Willemse
Michael Cato
Oom Johan
Michael 3
Michael 4
Johan Gerhard Greyling
Bennie Scholtz Liquid Gold and Liquid Silver 2
Bennie Scholtz Liquid Gold and Liquid Silver
Peter Potgieter Vaalrivier Loch Liquid Medals